Diving Enthusiasts

David Blaine
Master Stunt Artist/Magician

In May, 2006 David Blaine relied on Atomic Aquatics products as he was submerged underwater for an entire week - longer than any other human being...ever! Blaine stayed underwater breathing an Atomic Aquatics T2 for countless hours at a time. He was very impressed with the Atomic Aquatics T2 and SubFrame mask stating that the regulator breathed flawlessly throughout the week and left him without any jaw fatigue or soreness in the mouth.

Kevin Costner
Actor, Producer, Director

"I have had difficulty in the past finding a mask that fits, so I was extremely excited to find your Frameless mask. It fits great and gives me a wide field of view to take in all there is to see of this waterworld. You would think that it would have been the easiest thing to find but it has been the hardest. Everything underwater begins with the basic desire to see and enjoy, I'm glad my search is over!"

Edward Norton
Actor, Producer, Screenwriter, and Director
Recently Edward purchased two Atomic Aquatics T2 Titanium regulators and two SS1 Titanium safe second stages.
"I wanted the best equipment available to use during a marine life research project off the coast of California at Catalina Island. When it came to buying equipment, Atomic Aquatics was an easy choice. The T2 and SS1 has performed flawlessly every dive."

Anthony Robbins
International Motivational Speaker
"Throughout my life I have always strived to bring performance to the next level. In order to achieve the best results I have learned it is necessary to use the best products available. As a diving enthusiast and owner of a diving resort, I only want to use the highest quality products available. The Atomic Aquatics regulators provide an unsurpassed level of reliability and safety."

Marine Life Artist

Wyland is an accomplished painter, sculptor, photographer, writer and SCUBA diver. As one of America's leading contemporary artists, Wyland's marine life paintings and murals are highly regarded around the world as unique creative influences in building awareness for the conservation of our ocean environments. During one of his many dive trips, Wyland received the recommendation of his friend, photographer Stephen Frink, to dive with an Atomic SubFrame Mask. He now relies on the UltraClear lens and wide field of view of his Atomic mask to witness the beauty of the aquatic world for his crucial work.

Atomic is proud to partner with The Wyland Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the world's oceans, waterways and marine life. The foundation encourages environmental awareness through education programs, public arts projects, and community events. For more information, please visit

Why Pros Rely On Atomic
When you make your living in the water, you want your dive equipment to perform flawlessly, be comfortable and require low maintenance. Atomic Aquatics is honored to have been chosen by some of the most renowned scuba diving professionals around the world. We are humbled that the dive pros on these pages offered us their praise for the Atomic products they rely upon everyday...and we thank them for being Atomic divers.

Bob Talbot
Marine Photographer, Filmmaker, and Environmentalist

Bob Talbot has combined his unique visual style and storytelling ability with state-of-the-art entertainment technologies to create intimate ocean experiences on film. Among his many accomplishments are millions of lithographs distributed around the world and significant motion picture work. Talbot filmed the wildlife sequences for the Warner Bros. series of FREE WILLY feature films and Universal Pictures' FLIPPER in addition to other notable productions.

Bob Talbot and Atomic Aquatics became acquainted during the DEMA show in 1991. "His work was just so much better than anything else we had ever seen, stunning photos of whales—absolutely the best!" As soon as Atomic Aquatics was formed, Bob Talbot was one of the first people in the world to dive an Atomic T1 Titanium regulator.

Michael AW
Author, Publisher, Conservation Photographer
My choice for a high performance car is the Audi TTs, underwater housings for cameras is Seacam and for a steadfast underwater breathing apparatus for any diving conditions is Atomic. Essentially regulators are like cars; all will take you from point A to B, but when in demanding situation such as shooting boisterous leopard seals in frigid Antarctic water or spinning within a twister of 200 hungry mantas in the Maldives, or facing a Great White without a cage, the Atomic performs superbly and safely allowing me to focus on bringing back high quality images. With the advent of the T2x and M1, Atomic defines the benchmark for the new generation of regulators.

Eric Cheng
Underwater Photographer
"I've been on Atomic Aquatics regulators (currently, the T2) for most of my diving career, and it's the one piece of gear I almost never think about. I always know that it's going to give me an easy breath of air no matter where or what position I put myself in, underwater."

Rey Castillo
Live-Aboard Divemaster
"I have worked as a PADI Dive Instructor aboard the Solmar V live-aboard for many years, making trips to the Revillagigedos Islands (more commonly known as Socorro), the Sea of Cortez and more recently to Guadalupe Island. In December 2000 I had the opportunity to try a pair of Atomic SpitFins. I've used them on every trip since, diving several times a day, almost every day of the week. The SplitFins allow me to move easily and quickly through the water, even in places where there is surge or current. This allows me to easily and confidently look after my clients."

Amos Nachoum
Underwater Photographer
"Simply because today, more than anytime in history, we have the best specially designed equipment to handle the cold water and provide the safety margin that is required under these challenging conditions. For our breathing apparatus we have regulators specifically designed to operate flawlessly in freezing water. I have experimented with a few and the Atomic Aquatics M1 does very well for me. Never freezes and never free flows—always easy to breath when I need it most. "

Susan Shaw
President, Divegear, Inc.
"The diversity of diving has certainly put Atomic Aquatics to the test!! I dive locally in cold water & very sandy beach conditions. My regulator has yet to free flow in these rough conditions. When traveling, as in Sipadan, every first dive starts at about 130 ft., yet, I don't notice any differences in breathing at the varied depths. I hand carry my regulator on the plane, so, its lightness certainly is a plus. I know the Titanium doesn't corrode, so, I feel confident traveling to remote areas which have no fresh water rinses."

Bonnie Pelnar
Underwater Photographer
"During a recent trip to Galapagos I realized a whole new appreciation for my Atomic Aquatics SplitFins and T1x regulator. July is the season for whale shark sightings, but also promises cold water, washing-machine currents, and low visibility. Yet with two cameras strapped onto my BC I didn't hesitate to dive right in. With each encounter the opportunity to get any good photos would last only a few seconds. The whale sharks looked like they were barely moving but keeping up with them while loaded down with cameras was a challenging and exhausting task. As the whale shark glided by me and I captured my last shot, I realized I was breathing like I had just run a marathon, yet my Atomic Aquatics regulator kept on delivering. As I surfaced and climbed aboard the panga, I realizing that I wouldn't have been able to do this had it not been for the performance of my Atomic Aquatics regulator and split fins."


David Doubilet
For the most challenging dive in Antarctica, David Doubilet uses the Atomic Aquatics M1.
David Doubilet is the world’s most innovative underwater photographer with over 65 stories published in National Geographic along with his partner Jennifer Hayes are principal explorer members of the Elysium Epic expedition to the Antarctic. To work in this extreme condition, the regulator of choice to function superbly and reliably is the Atomic M1. It is the obvious choice for all significant reasons.

What is The Elysium Epic Expedition?
In 20 February 2010, some of the world’s best nature conservation photographers, film makers, artists, musicians and scientists teamed up and travelled to the Antarctic to document the above and below scenes, flora and fauna that Sir Ernest Shackleton and his team would have seen and missed after losing the Endurance in 1914 – from the Weddell Sea to Elephant Island and the heroic sail to South Georgia. To view the official expedition report visit

Stephen Frink
The "Atomic Diver"
Underwater Photographer & Journalist
"On a recent trip to Raja Ampat, I happily found myself the "Atomic Diver", diving with mask, regulator, and fins by Atomic Aquatics. Actually, the mask had been my favorite for quite some time. Once I discovered the comfort the Atomic frameless (black, of course, to block extraneous light hitting the camera's ground glass) and optical superiority of the UltraClear lenses, I immediately adopted that as my preferred "shooter" mask. However, the regulator and fins were new to me. But once I tried them, they immediately become preferred gear as well."

Eric Hanauer
Underwater Photographer & Author
"Atomic Aquatics' Ti2 combines two features that were once considered to be mutually exclusive: high performance and rock-solid reliability. Since I bought my first Atomic regulator in 1997, I've been able to mount it on the tank and forget it, regardless of depth, workload, or conditions. I torture-tested a prototype in the salty, arid climate of the Red Sea, washing it only once during a month of heavy-duty diving. Despite that, it went a year and half before needing its first overhaul. That's the sort of performance I can depend on, dive after dive."

Randall Scott
Marine Artist
"Since I was seventeen, I have dived with the best regulators in the industry. As a marine artist specializing in realism, I need dive equipment that I can depend on in order to observe and photograph the subjects I paint. When I am diving, I need to focus on the composition and light of my subjects in a limited amount of time. I can't afford to worry about what I need most... AIR!. For my diving needs, there is no other regulator, which matches the performance and dependability than the Atomic Aquatics T1."

Bret Gilliam
Underwater Photographer/Entrepreneur
"I've been professionally involved in diving for 37 years (ex-Chairman of NAUI, founder and ex-President of TDI/SDI training agencies, ex-President and CEO of UWATEC, founder and ex-publisher of Fathoms magazine as well as editing Scuba Times, Deep Tech, and Rodale's Scuba Diving, ex-world depth record holder on scuba 475 ft., co-founder of Ocean Quest International, and author/editor of 37 books...), I'm retired now and living the good life but still traveling all over the world diving on special projects."

"The best regulators in the frigging world are made by Atomic. They have superb performance, flawless reliability, and the best customer service in the industry. I've been using their Titanium series since 1996 and would not even think of diving with anything else. The guys that run the company are the best examples of business ethics you'll find. You can buy an Atomic regulator and rely on it for virtually any type of diving. I've known Doug, Dean, and Seamus for years and you can trust your life with their products."

"It's the best investment you'll ever make in diving equipment. I can afford anything and most companies would pay me to use their gear. I choose Atomic because it's simply the best stuff out there."

Cliff Horton
Dive Master
"The Atomic Aquatics Titanium regulator has exceeded my scuba diving expectations. I've been diving for 11 years and teaching recreational diving for 9 years. One of ways I make the most of my diving is by using the best equipment available. The Titanium gives me the confidence of effortlessly breathing at any depth. I can miss a fresh water rinse once in a while and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my Atomic Aquatics will work perfectly because the material just won't corrode. This Atomic Aquatic Titanium regulator allows me to worry less about keeping my gear clean and allows me more time to enjoy my scuba diving adventures."


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